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About Company "Bike Garage"

Perhaps it would be worth to begin with the words "The company was founded in 2013". But who is it interesting?
We want to tell you why we exist and you may contact us on the way. So:

* We are not so dedicated as to his ears in it dipped. We want to develop the sport. For example, we have organized and supported by a team Cannondales Team.

* We ride a bike, take part and organize competitions, we get the pleasure of unforgettable adventure travel and try to get more and more people can share with us these emotions.

* We understand that today, reseeding at the wheel, we preserve the health of our children. Let people sometimes suffocating clubs exhaust gases, but it should not go on forever. We want a clean planet!

* We believe that bicycles should be high quality and beautiful, so we sell only the best.

* And we like speed and that allows you to say: "Uuuuuh, wow, cool ride! .."

We welcome you to visit!